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walking to 2 years
3 to 4 years
2 to 3 years

Take a moment to explore our Bendy Tots Programmes for your child.

We want to share with you the successful programmes that are currently in place in various settings. 

Each week we implement different themes, which entails all of the sections of our programme, where your child will reap the benefits of every lesson.
With such successful outcomes, we know that your child will be part of our Bendy Tots family,  enjoying every second. Great rewards. Great programme. Great tuition.

Our class Programmes

1st programme

Bendy Tots Walkers to 2 years

Your child will discover fun movement with the use of brightly coloured props and action music. The coach will help guide the children through different objectives, where the beginning of their skills are learned. Rolling, jumping, coordination, all placed into fun skill sets.


Movement skills challenge the child’s growing mind and body.

Your child will develop significant social skills by performing and working with others, sharing and taking turns.

2nd programme

Bendy Tots 2 to 3 years

A continuation of the walkers where obstacle courses help teach small and large gross motor skills and encourage safe movement through the beginner bendy tots programme. Your child will carry on the use of brightly colored props including action music, but their progression will be in increasing their Balance, Strength, Flexibility, dance and Agility. It encourages coordination and uses their independent thought patterns to incorporate movements in sequences.  You will see your child improving  their self-esteem and learning to work in teams and partners.

Programme 3

Bendy Tots 3 to 4 years

This is the final part of our Bendy Tots Programme. Your child can now use their basic and advance gross motor skills and apply it to new advanced skills to increase their Balance, Strength, Flexibility, and Agility. Our coaches will start to incorporate harder tricks and skills such as tumbles, various jumps, rolls, splits, cartwheels, baby bridges, and lots more.

It encourages to prepare a child for a sense of confidence, achievement, independent behavior skill, and progressing the children communication skills with team players in connection with the final advanced program.


"My children have been taught by Miss Lauren and Miss Maria in Acro dance. They love their classes every week and come out smiling and laughing. It's such a wonderful class."

Mrs Adams - Cara and Lila mummy 

"Acrobatics and Gymnastics have been such a wonderful extracurricular for my child. With such imaginative stories that combine with these classes, it's truly a creative element mixed in with amazing bending and exercise."

Miss Sykes - Lolas mummy

"I think I enjoy the classes just as much as my twins. Plus I do feel more flexible. It's such fun and such a wonderful group of teachers. I'm so glad that they have now expanded this program you should all try it, you won't be disappointed.

Mrs Bryant - Magnus and Margot mummy