Do I need to be with my child in classes?

We ask that all parents/guardians to attend classes with their child/ren up to the age of three. We class 

Does my child/ren have to have experience?

Of course not. This is why we are here, here to provide your chid/ren with the best experiences wether it's their first time, or if they attend other toddler classes.

Would my child receive rewards?

100% This is something that we believe strongly about. We believe that every child should receive praise on their works after each lesson. We also provide certificates after each child completes their term with us as they move up the levels of our Bendy Tots programme. 

Do I need a membership?

Yes classes cannot be attended without a membership. This covers their insurance and health and safety of your child. It also includes their class equipment, and T-shirt. We want your child to feel united. Plus a further range of incredible benefits. Click here to read more.

To get maximum benefit of our wonderful classes, it's advisable that you attend each week.

Do I need to attend each week?

We will be sad that you will miss a week, but understand that these things do happen. As we only allow 15 children in each class we can't refund weeks missed as it secures your space. 

If I miss a week can I get a refund?

Do I get a refund if you cancel classes?

If we have to cancel classes for any reason, we will provide you in the first instance with an alternative class. We will then provide you with a credit against future classes.

All classes are paid in advance on a monthly or termly basis via direct debit.  When you go ahead with your membership and classes, we will provide you with your parent portal. This is where you can access all of our payment information.

How do I pay for classes?

Are your staff qualified?

100% all of our staff are fully trained in Gymnastics, Acrobatics. They hold their own DBS, and insurances and work on a self employed basis with Bendy Tots. All staff are also fully trained with Bendy Tots to provide you and your child/ren with the best lessons.

We would provide you with the same teacher each week and for your entire journey. However, if for any reason your teacher cannot attend their class, we will provide you with another fantastic member of our Bendy Tots team. As we follow the same lesson plans, there will be no disruption to your class progression

Would my teacher be the same?